True Colours

True Colours captures the very different perspectives on national identity in Scotland as they’re played out on the streets of its biggest city, Glasgow. On the one hand, there are those who consider themselves Scottish first, foremost and only, while on the other a sizeable constituency considers itself proudly British and Scottish, in that order. 


Thanks to the 2014 and 2016 referenda, the toxic identity politics embedded in the Brexit debacle and the ruling SNP’s drive for IndyRef2, both camps have been polarised as never before and have taken to the streets en mass in 2019 to champion their respectiive causes.


For each, these public marches are a manifest expression of self, of belonging, of shared values, of aspirations and of fears - all the ingredients that are shaken and stirred to create the potent cocktail of national identity. 


Such allegiances are clearly marked out by the flags and banners people chose to march under - their true colours - which plainly carry an emotional charge for the individuals and which in turn power the character and atmosphere of each march.